Sunday, October 30, 2011


Another one for, you guessed it, Jeff! After finishing it I saw a possible subconscious Lovecraftian influence via his story "The Outsider," apropos for Halloween I suppose. And I included the sketch for some reason...apologies. Nonetheless, I am determined to take better photos of my work, as I have come to the realization that kilt wearing Scottish gnomes won't magically appear and do it for me, regardless of how lavish my bacon burnt, gin soaked, Pogues blaring ceremonies. Happy Halloween!

painting-16x12 Oil on Canvas
sketch-palm sized sensual black strokes on paper

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hung Up

Un autre morceau pour mon ami Jeff (I love google translate.) This go 'round I again riffed off a couple of digital pieces I did for my gradute thesis many sensual moons ago, deviating very little but hopefully more successful in execution. It wasn't an overly dramatic process which I suppose is good. I traded this painting, as well as the last two oil paintings, for Jeff's tattoo expertise which I'll show once my camera stops being a glitchy douche and stays on long enough for me to take some decent photos. 12x16 Ur-uhl ohn kanvis