Thursday, October 30, 2008

Heppy Haluhween

From Steve The Pumpkin and Friends...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Newsprint Blues

18"x24" Charcoal studies from live models, with poses ranging from three minutes to twenty minutes. Hopefully each one justifies the time spent.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Don't Eyeball Me, Leprechaun...

I guess if I really search deep and hard enough, poke around in those elusive crevices, finger amidst the shadowed voids, I may find some bit of intellectual anecdote or observational insight to spark the electric surge of creativity to be channeled through my fleshy tubular appendages, into my multifaceted piece of modern technology with the glowing hypnotic screen and ultimately into the great void of cyberspace for all those semi-interested patrons to enjoy at their leisure, but I may be asking too much. So what then, you ask? Why, more quasi-decent school projects and few poor shots of the Blue Angels from Fleet Week, of course.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Ain't Dead Yet!

Just when I thought the days of youthful cavorting with the likes of old friends through the steep streets of the Great City de Fogg were going to last forever, the iron bitch-slap of reality brought forth a sober attention to the awareness that tasks of great import, i.e. homework, had yet to be completed, and as such can account for every spark of energy spent, both physical and mental, over the last week and a half. And I must admit, I have yet to find myself wandering the streets in soiled underwear with my fingertips chewed off, as had been my prediction to the outcome of intense labor over school projects several times over the course of the summer. So perhaps there is hope for this honky-turned-city after all. And to maintain my growingly fierce, absolute and often-lamented reputation as one who always follows through with the completion of any task to the peak of my ability, regardless of size, difficulty, time, or any other obstacle threatening success, I present the fruits of my labor for all ye to witness, posthaste:

The image above is the second project for my Drawing From Imagination class, an interior in two-point perspective. The still life below, featuring an angry Mexican shaman using his "skull powers" to obliterate my coffee cup, was completed for my Chiaroscuro class. Following that are several more in-class drawings from Clothed Figure Drawing, and since we are encouraged to add character and situation to our drawings to enhance their status as quality illustrations, the last four were all done using the same male model with subtle licenses taken. Also, I have added a couple images of my new studio space at the Academy's Fine Art building, which now serves as my second home and place of sacrificial-goat-worship. The last picture can be used as a metaphor for city life.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Reunion Of The Brothers W

Last weekend, Wayne, my might-as-well-be-brother-since-the-seventh-grade emerged from the treachorus sticks of West Virginia to experience the left coast and San Francisco. It was three long days of intense tourist action(minus the fanny packs, of course) in which we covered a wealth of ground, including a cheap walk through Chinatown, the windy Golden Gate Bridge, tourist infested Fisherman's Wharf, the downtown financial district, numerous rides on the Cable Cars and Alcatraz Island. For the sake of space (and my current mental capacity), I'll let the column of following photos speak on behalf of these experiences, saving personal embellishments and additional photos for another post. You can read and see Wayne's account of his trip here.

[click on the small-ass images to enlarge them]