Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Reunion Of The Brothers W

Last weekend, Wayne, my might-as-well-be-brother-since-the-seventh-grade emerged from the treachorus sticks of West Virginia to experience the left coast and San Francisco. It was three long days of intense tourist action(minus the fanny packs, of course) in which we covered a wealth of ground, including a cheap walk through Chinatown, the windy Golden Gate Bridge, tourist infested Fisherman's Wharf, the downtown financial district, numerous rides on the Cable Cars and Alcatraz Island. For the sake of space (and my current mental capacity), I'll let the column of following photos speak on behalf of these experiences, saving personal embellishments and additional photos for another post. You can read and see Wayne's account of his trip here.

[click on the small-ass images to enlarge them]


wc said...

hell yeah. love the first picture man. i will send you the japanese tea garden pictures this weekend (80 MB worth).
what a great trip. i wish i could've stayed longer. there's more to come on my blog, and i'll be sure to link to yours.
unfortunately, i can't make the bluegrass festival, but i hope a second trip will happen next year.

JamesF said...

I need to schedule a trip out there at some point.