Sunday, February 1, 2009

So It Goes

One week in the trenches and a handful of homework assignments to show for it, all of which prove the requirement of a five week interim between semesters to be unsound. Sure, the original painting from which I derived the charcoal master copy below was a bit strange in its execution which led to me skewing a few facial features in my finished piece, but several weeks of exposure to fresh Virginia air are enough to cloud anyone's sense of focus, particularly mine when it comes to catching such obvious mistakes (i.e. the "F-ed" up eye). This semester also finds me trying my hand at watercolor, for a class of the same name, in which our first assignment was three objects from life. As enjoyable as this medium is, it is very tedious, and my lack of experience shows with these pieces. However, my undying determination, brute strength and cat-like agility shall ensure that these remain amateur studies compared to the riveting, technically sound work I will be producing a mere fifteen weeks from now.

This past week did prove to be unfortunate, though, in that I saw the passing of a dear friend of ten years. Tyke, the handsome gentleman pictured below, fell ill to pneumonia and passed away in his sleep; only a transfer, no doubt, to a VIP suite in the sky filled with plush couches, T-Bone steaks, and H-D television.

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wc said...

your mom told my mom who told me about tyke. what a bummer man. the old boy was definitely the coolest bulldog i've ever known.