Thursday, July 8, 2010

Figure And Digital Study

We finally started using toned paper in Sustained Figurative Concepts class, which I really like...we did two two-hour poses last time, this one the better.

Inspired by fellow artists, I also did a quick digital study from a found flickr photo.


gonzalexx said...

Very nice! Love to see these class projects. Let me see if I can guess.. the colored texture paper (don't know what kind), then you used some sort of brown/red/wine, with white, and black/darkgrey? but what medium? pencil?

Will Coyner said...

Thanks man! They're pitt pastel pencils...I used an orange/red, dark red, with a little brown and white on toned paper.

gonzalexx said...

Thanks Will. So many tools to explore. Really appreciate your reply.