Saturday, August 14, 2010


I got Painter 11 in the mail yesterday and its been at least a year since I've messed with program, so I did a couple of sketches to get the feel of it again. The bottom one is a potential design for my Skinner character, but looking at it now I need to develop it beyond the SubZero/Borg look. Anytime I think about this character I always revert back to the enemies in Quake 2, so I plan on researching that more to see if its an idea to run with or avoid.


Eric Johnson said...

That's some sick work for having not touched the program for a year!

As for the redesign on the skinner...
What's the deal with his augmentations? If he's a farm laborer, maybe the mask is a filter for toxic pesticides and growth chemicals. Is contact with those chemicals disfiguring? Have his genes been screwed with, before or after birth? What does the hand do that is useful for farmwork and killing. Remember most Medieval weapons were farm tools first.

Damn I miss the school crowd! Regular folk just don't talk geek like illustrators. Hope you're doin well Will!!!

Ray Bonilla said...

awezome new stuff Will your killing it!

Will Coyner said...

Eric- great advice, you hit the nail on the head. All too often I get so excited about simply painting something that I do too much design work as I paint, not enough before hand. He's supposed to be powered by an alien fluid, which is definitely not clear so I'll work on it.
Ray- thanks a lot man, your portraits are awesome; great value structure and color control...the Joaquin is tight so far!