Saturday, December 11, 2010

Origin of Theses

My final thesis project, minus two oils which have yet to be properly photographed for a grand total of twenty pieces. The final review last Tuesday went extremely well, and quick. They had a few (expected) issues with my story beats and not having turnarounds for my characters, but I received excellent marks overall. Its refreshing to be done with this and I've found a renewed capacity to look up at the sky and take a deep breath.


Ray Bonilla said...

Looks great brother . Congrats on finishing up!

Tyler Jacobson said...

Awesome work man. You did a lot! You will have to tell me how the final review was in detail. Congrats on being done. I am sure it feels great.

Will Coyner said...

Thanks a lot Ray!

And yeah Tyler, it feels good, I'll give you details soon, thanks man!