Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dad Shows Up

Today Dad flew in from DC to spend the day checking out my place, my school and parts of the town. He got in around 10am, pacific of course, after which Aleta and I gave him a driving tour. Dad finally got a little used to the time change once we drove around some, and saw a few sights. We then headed back to the house to unload bags and give a quick tour of the home, after which Dad and I set out to see downtown and my school while Aleta went to work for a few hours. It took Dad a while to get acclimated to public transportation, including some of the crazies that inhabit the trains from time to time. One of these "eccentrics" proceeded to lecture dad on every detail of Bush's failure as President for at least fifteen minutes. Once we got downtown we started making the rounds to various school buildings, including my Illustration building where I will be spending the majority of my graduate career. After that, we went to see the Federal Building, City Hall, and the Supreme Court. Later that night, Dad, Aleta and I went out to dinner at great restaurant facing the ocean.

Dad will set out tomorrow morning to begin the long trek back across the country towards the good ol' Shenandoah Valley. Below are some pictures of my place on Irving street.


JamesF said...

From the one photo it appears Frank is reading some quality online literature.

Willy C said...

It was an impromptu training session. He liked the posts from memorial day.

BullBunky said...

Welcome to San Francisco.