Friday, June 13, 2008

In The Staging Lanes

Well, my introductory period is coming to an end as I wrap up my second week in San Fran. As last week yielded no casualties, this week appeared to be headed in the same direction, until Tuesday night when I decided it would be a good idea to sleep with my window cracked, as it had been rather warm that day. And a good idea it was, until I spent the following morning trying to lift the fifteen bricks that had laid themselves in my forehead overnight, along with the pack of razor blades I apparently swallowed sometime after I dozed off. Needless to say, most of this week has been spent dealing with headaches and congestion. The mugshot on my new AAU ID badge above serves as good visual aide for the situation. Though despite the grueling hardships, I finally went through new student orientation Thursday, which consisted of a Graduate school overview, a meeting with my department director, a small tour of the school and of course my new identification card, which privies me to all the sweet action cuttin' loose behind the school's closed doors. So with that, and a trip to the art supply store, I'm all set to start classes next week. This summer session, along with the rest of my Graduate career, is gearing up to be very intense, which makes me both anxious and excited.

Below are some more sketches from orientation and train rides back home. Drawing people on trains can be tricky, especially if the person you're observing is several inches away. Sunglasses come in handy for this type of guerrilla art-making, as they disguise any eye movement that may distract your unassuming model. The sweet, and equally worthless animal pictured below is Alice, the resident canine.


The Reaper said...

Hi Will, Great to hear you are adjusting well! We got runner-up last week at Eastside. Still have someone VERY interested in buying the car :( You're pictures are great! Especially love the sketches! Take Care!
P.S. Jeff's still waiting for some pictures of pretty girls! Ha Ha!

wc said...

Yo brother! Congrats on getting your VIP pass. School starts Monday!