Monday, June 2, 2008

We're There

Well, after a steady five-day excurison across the great US, I have finally arrived in San Francisco. I got in just before noon on Sunday (that's pacific time of course, three hours earlier than eastern.) The trip was pretty much uneventful, and beautiful most of the way, with exception to the mid-west which was a little too flat. Not to mention the tornadoes, the sight of which can strike fear into any unsuspecting rookie from the mountains of the east coast. The sierra through Utah and Nevada was truly a sight to see, which had large, jagged mountains with snow caps at their highest peaks all along the horizon. Being surrounded by mountains made this last part of the trip much more enjoyable. Crossing the border from Nevada to California takes you through the Tahoe National Forest, which is similar to driving along Blue Ridge parkway, but with bigger mountains, tighter valleys, and worse roads. Speaking of which, the road conditions most of the way were less than par, espcecially in the right lane of each highway. This lead to extensive cruising in the left lane, which only presented problems when drivers going twice as fast came up behind me.

Above and below(since I'm still getting used to posting this blog) are pictures I took along the way with my camera phone, which explains the blurry quality of some.

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