Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Day At The Office

Being mid-term season, I somehow managed to uncross my eyes long enough to take some photos of my studio class, the fine arts building itself, and some of the surrounding area, called North Beach. My figure class consists of drawing from a live model, emphasizing proportion first, value second. Since it is a summer semester, the class meets twice a week, and we typically start the day with quick, two-minute gesture drawings, as pictured in the previous post. This is followed by notes and a demonstration from our professor, then five hours of osbervation, drawing, do-overs, profanity, back pain, double vision, envy, hatred, lunch, determination, more drawing, more profanity(silent of course), progress, sigh of relief, a class critique, and crushed egos. One musn't forget the numerous vacations to the latrines sprinkled througout the session. And the reward for this battle hardening day in the trench, you ask? Why, 'tis the half hour walk to the train...uphill.

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