Friday, July 25, 2008

Three Times A Lady

My well of anecdotes is gathering a bit of dust as my energy is currently being expended towards the completion of my final projects. Henceforth, the images here are the latest drawings completed during my figure studio class, in which we focus our attention on one drawing of a live model over the span of roughly six hours. With the drawing, the main objective is to construct adequate proportions and analyze the effects of light and shadow on the form. The dimensions of all my drawings for this class are 18"x24." I believe I've explained this process before, but a guy's gotta cut loose every now and then, right?

These are my favorite ones so far, as all of the techniques I have learned and struggled with during this term are finally beginning to harmonize. The one above was completed during wednesday's session, while the last two are from friday. Everyone in the class, along with myself, seems to get better with every homework drawing, master copy, and in-class session, which promotes "good energy" from which we all gain inspiration.


JamesF said...

I think I need to see a photo of the model for comparison purposes. :-)

Willy C said...

sorry man, we signed waivers. the drawings will have to aid your imagination.

wc said...

no problem there. 'nuff said
off to finish my cereal dinner. seeya!

Tiffani said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! I am so impressed... I have always been amazed by your painting and drawing skills. Your recent growth as an artist is AMAZING!!