Saturday, August 2, 2008

Post Modern Love Juice

If you're feeling a bit hindered by your Modern lifestyle in which your daily actions and dialogue are represented not by the actual things you say and do, but rather the underlying and inescapable theory with which they are executed, then perhaps you need to take a stroll into the world of the Post Modern, by way of the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. Once inside, perhaps you can fulfill your desire for a culturally divided, theoretically absent state of mind for which you can indulge in a plethora of consumerism-influenced, asymmetrical structures that hold no significant historical narrative, but instead speak of a culture divided into subcultures being driven by the need for commodity as a result of aggressive commercial capitalism...Or, you can stand out in front of the museum wearing torn up gym clothes, lean on the way cool sphinxes, and give the numerous slow-walking Dutch tourists the ol' six-gun point-and-wink as they walk by.

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