Saturday, August 23, 2008

Virginia, I Dream Of Thee

I got to spend a week of my break in the grand ol' state of Virginia, in which I exchanged fog for sunshine, green tea for sweet tea, public transportation for hot rods and bikes and "spare some change?" for "how ya'll doin' today?" Despite my greatest intentions, I did very little art during this time, so I hereby saturate this post with various photographs which depict views of the farm and surrounding landscape of the Shenandoah Valley, members of the family, and of course, myself.


JamesF said...

Will, that last shot is fantastic.

Really sorry work kept me from being able to make it down to see you.

wc said...

va, bar none

Dee said...

Will, These pictures are great! Saw your dad today; what a character He's so proud of you!We were so glad you came by for a visit while you were home. Take care and keep in touch!