Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Socialist Excursion

Below are pictures from my recent mission which took place behind enemy lines at the Art Institute, a competitor of my school the Academy of Art. I was in pursuit of a large mural by the Mexican, Communist party member Diego Rivera-a Depression-era artist who was married to painter Frida Kahlo. The details are classified and I do not wish to seal my own fate by disclosing too much sensitive material; however, for the sake of entertainment and an attempt to maintain a minimum level of interest in this blog, I present pictures of the mural itself, titled "Building of San Francisco," along with views of the Art Institute courtyard and the surrounding area. From the top of this building, located just up the street from my studio class and with the uphill advantage I might add, you can get a good glimpse of Alcatraz, the small island in the last image.

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