Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Conlfict-In three Parts

I shall refrain from any trivial attempts at casual banter in an attempt to save as much mental energy as possible for the last few weeks of school. The first few images comprise three weeks worth of work for my Drawing From Imagination class. The first week consisted of drawing two nude figures (in proper perspective) engaged in some form of physical combat, in which the focus was to achieve correct proportion and overlapping of the form of the figure from different angles. Week two's goal was to add clothing to the figures and as such, to study the way clothing wraps around and adheres to the human form in different poses, as well as enhancing the fighters' character and hinting at a narrative. The final work was to put these two fully developed characters into a proper environment, in which they can convincingly kick ass. If the visual aides presented cannot finish the explanation at this point, then it is not a successful illustration and will preempt my return to dock work.

I have also added some recent drawings from my Clothed Figure Drawing class, which have hopefully risen to the realm of "not fake."

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wc said...

i'm liking the bum fights! i must say, you captured the clothing along the back and shoulders of the rightmost guy very well. i also like the socked feet and proportions of the girl laying down.
A+ homey