Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good Enough To Fake It

The absence of substantial prose from this blog over the last few weeks can be attributed to my current situation of maintaining a semester full of studio art courses which have irrevocably rewired my brain to focus more on visual problem solving and less on creating self-proclaimed humorous and clever anecdotes with which to verbally paint a metaphorical picture of my semi-significant time in San Francisco. Astonishingly, the intense study of nostrils, knuckles, facial features and the human gesture requires little in the way of the written word, specifically that which is arranged in an intelligent and poetic manner in order to successfully convey a specific point of a particular idea through the use of analyzation and cited reference, which has ultimately ingrained the notion that I may be getting dumber by the day. But have no fear, as I plan to remedy this ailment through the reading of such literary classics as "The Jack-O'-Lantern That Ate My Brother," "Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale Of Mystery," and of course "There's An Owl In The Shower." And as uninteresting as it may be, the title of this post is not a testament to my sexual prowess, but was instead given as advice from one of my professors in regards to my tendency to generalize figures in my drawings by leaving out important details, yet still creating a successful drawing. Since I am unsure as to my feelings about that advice, I have resolved to stay "pissed" until another suitable solution presents itself; but it probably just means I need to buckle down and start making better drawings.

On that note, I have included a few "fake" drawings here for your arousal, as well as a few shots from the not-so-getting-me-moist Alterntative Press Expo(APE) which was held here in the city this past weekend. And speaking of moisture, we experienced a little of that over the weekend as well; and since I am not one miss a party, I celebrated by spending the majority of Saturday walking the mean streets of San Fran and soaking of the fruits of Mother Nature's glory (as a result of knowing it was going to rain and not having an umbrella....dumber by the day.)

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