Saturday, December 20, 2008

And I'm Out

Two semesters down, many dollars spent, and a little work to show for it. The extraneously long five week interim between now and Spring semester shall be spent, for the most part, in the brisk Virginia mountains, far away from honking horns, rattling change cups and electrically powered public transportation, in an attempt to refuel the neurons necessary to kick the upcoming Spring term in the teeth. As for final projects, only one was noteworthy, specifically the final illustration for my Drawing From Imagination class, pictured below. We had three weeks to complete this project, and were allowed to chose from two briefs to illustrate: one a scene from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, or another about a couple trapped in a crypt. It's (hopefully) obvious which one I chose, and the brief reads as such:
"The iron-hinged door wouldn't budge so Daniel and Anne crept back down the steps and through the coffin-lined crypt. The storm water was up their knees now. Distant groaning echoed from the far passage. Anne clung to Daniel , the ancient amulet blazing urgently around her neck. They were getting closer. The groaning was accompanied by moans and scuffing sounds from inside the coffins. Terror struck. The first corpse dragged itself into view. Instantly, another broke free from a nearby casket, and then another, until a shuffling pack of hungry cadavers surrounded them, and there was nowhere left to run."

The big-ol-hunka-poopy below was my attempt at a still life for my Chiaroscuro class, and between the images show here, its pretty obvious where most of my time was spent. I have declared the title for this piece as "F*ck It."

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