Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pickin' Cotton

Recently finished is an 18"x24" charcoal portrait (sighted and measured from a photograph with no means of tracing or grid transfer, mind you) of James Cotton, famous harp player, for my Chiaroscuro class. Unfortunately, the photo bleaches some of the subtleties in his face, but such a result is to be expected when a quick exit from the studio is required for the advancement of dietary intake. The project is basically the same as the one designed for the portrait of Jack Nicholson that I did over the summer, which is now out of it's glass shell and back in my possession, allowing for a better quality shot of the finished project. Also included is a study in the art of plotting reflections (Drawing From Imagination) as well as a study in shadow shapes (Clothed Figure Drawing.)

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Tammy said...

Will -- Your Dad shared your web page with us here at the Courthouse ... AWESOME! You take care out there in that big city and don't forget us little country folk when you come home! Come see Judge Wood and I when you come home! Take care & Happy Holidays!

Tammy Myers
Augusta County Circuit Court