Sunday, December 7, 2008

Turn 4

The fall semester is coming to a close (in a couple of weeks) and since all my energy is being expended towards final projects, I thought I would post a few pictures for the interim. The majority are from the "Open Studio" event we had this past Saturday for all the graduate studio occupants in the building, in which friends, family and the public are invited to see (and hopefully purchase) student artwork. All the artists here are either Illustration or Fine Art majors at various stages of their graduate career, and over all the day was very successful. The first two images are Aleta, my housemate(left) and Lila, my neighbor(right) together in my studio, as well as my studio-mate Orly, who's in her first semester at the Academy. The last few photos are some morning street shots I managed to catch while on my way to the downtown art store.

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